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A WordPress Site | To all the ladies learning how to walk tall…
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To all the ladies learning how to walk tall…

While searching for some answers to a happier life iv’e encountered some gorgeous eye opening moments.So many wonderful things I was always too afraid to approach when I was safely tucked in my comfort zone, but now I have tasted and crave all these new things with every vein in my heart .

Through our schools we attended, the friends we made and the family we have shared our lives with, we entered a life that nurtured and developed our personalities, fears, dreams and entire ideas of who we are.We allowed ourselves to be molded and guided by the words of those we shared many hours and years with. Perhaps even a moment in time was enough to define a core trait of who we are today.Every influence we have ever given that power to has shaped the person we now see in the mirror before us.

Now here is something i just suggest you try…go back to that same old mirror, square your shoulders and look right into the eyes of that imposeter and tell her to hit the road, because you have plans for your life and it doesnt envlove her hindering thoughts. You need to take time to erase all that you have been told and go back to the memory of being a child. Remember seeing unlimited potential for yourself and whom you believed you could be and then I ask you to once again believe with every cell in your body that you were born to be that gorgeous person you have in your dreams.

Now I can tell you from experience that I had a list of limiting ideas of whom I believe that I was and none of them would have allowed me to be strong enough to fly across the atlantic and build my life alone as a 23 year old broke student. No, that girl would not have helped me at all. However somewhere along my travels I began to push myself harder and harder to allow myself to be afraid and to feel pain but then to find a way through it all, not to turn back and see the path before me as a path meant for someone more capable. Hell no. I would learn to become that person that I had no idea of being.

I started running every day and at one moment I remember feeling so exhausted, my legs felt too weak to carry my body any further  and I heard myself saying” you arent this girl, this athletic type.” and I felt so infuriated with the blockage I had allowed my self to construct.I changed that day when I made a decision to become whomever the hell I decided to be in that very moment. With that I pushed myself harder and harder and I ran further than Iv’e ever run before.

The thing is once you make that decision to define who you are worthy of being as well as determine where your actual limits are, well my friends you now have discovered more power in your baby finger than you could ever dream of owning.

​We make these decisions daily, telling ourselves who we are capable of being and who we “just don’t think we are.” I can tell you now that even the smartest of scientists made a decision to become who they are today. No one wakes up being who they want to be, they have to keep training and allowing themselves to become a better version of their best selves and at the exact same time they have to put a brick wall up between all the limiting beliefs they have accumulated throughout their lives from people (and themselves) who didn’t see the potential within them.

Even in school I was told how awful I was at math and I believed it. So with that I passed my high -school with a shockingly low grade. However, when I started college I had an entirely different view of myself and who I wanted to be, with just that step of allowing myself to change and grow, I did. Now I get high 90’s and most of the time a perfect score on my math exams.Once we start viewing ourselves with fresh eyes, we find a box of vast strengths and insight.

We are our own leaders and we make that most final decision at the end of every day, defining who we are. Remember to view yourself as a child, always growing and forever changing, with the potential to be anything from a Rocket scientist working for Nasa or an Archaeologist working within the catacombs of Rome. It is through our will and deepest ideals we have of ourselves that gives us the choice to live exceptional lives.Its all just a choice of how hard you are willing to work and the level of faith you have in your capabilities.

  • tara haynes

    Great job, so far! Keep up the good work.

    March 9, 2015 at 2:06 pm
    • lindsey brunk

      My desktop just got a spring makeover! 🙂

      March 9, 2015 at 2:06 pm
  • christen batson

    Pretty fresh colors!

    March 9, 2015 at 2:06 pm

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