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48 Hours In Los Angeles


Six places to explore L.A in 48 hour.

  • Hollywood Walk of fame
  • LACMA(Los Angeles County Museum of Art.)
  • La Descarga Hollywood
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Beverly Hills
  • Rodeo Drive

Los Angeles in 48 hours, now that would be a true crime but if it’s all you have then I wouldn’t spend it anywhere else in the world! This city is so alive with her sparkling lights and warm gust of Californian colour that I couldn’t add all her wonder onto just one page, all I can do is highlight where my special memories lie and leave you a trail of breadcrumbs to hopefully experience the same moments of pure beauty and excitement.

If you have a deep love for Latin music(as I most certainly do!) and tap your feat every time you hear its sensual beat, then I would strongly advise you take a drive over to the LACMA. Located on the east side of L.A. bring a pick-nick bag and some drinks and watch the bands play their hearts out! music from indigenous work to contemporary blends, salsa, all the way to Afro-Cuban Jazz Project, and Costazul. These bands play through the summer from June till around mid August. It’s really a beautiful experience and something different to expose your senses to.

My absolute best club by far has to be La Descarga in Hollywood. Its’ Cuban style bar, Jazz and salsa blend will make you dance without a care in the world. With your arms stretched to the ceiling, eyes closed and hips swaying without your consent. The club has an ambiance that is so unique and playful in its own. If you enjoy cocktails, well-dressed patrons and the feeling of being completely in a whole new and exotic world, then I would nudge you to brave that curiosity and take a night out…. but don’t forget to book online!/ if your style is not Latin, let me tell you that the same creators of this charismatic bar have various themed clubs/bars situated around Los Angeles, that cater to anyone’s preference. Their clubs include: No Vacancy, The Parlor Room Bar and Dirty Laundry.

Now that you’ve have spent your day and night swaying to the music of the city and now all you want is to view it from up high… take a drive up Mulholland or if you feel wild enough rent a motor bike. I took (a back seat drive) on a motorcycle up and behind Altadena’s spectacular mountains. Feeling the warm wind caress your cheeks and the smell of pine fill the air is irreplaceable. I drove with a friend all the way to the top of the mountains till we reached the signal towers. You see the whole of the city from up there, from Pasadena all the way till Santa Monica beach, and I can tell you that I stopped breathing for a few seconds marveling at the sight before me.

My top beach by far has to be Manhattan! oh just the thought makes me want to throw on some sun screen, grab my swim suit and just embrace her presence.  Why?…well there is something about her position, so perfectly placed at the bottom of homes that stretch up an elegant hill, little cafes lining the streets and the picturesque and famous little pier located at the end of Manhattan beach boulevard. The beach is also extremely well maintained and clean and the homes around the promenade are just a sweet sight to behold.With them all possessing a welcoming and soft/mellow character. However,dont let me stop you there! take the PCH(Pacific Coast Highway) along the coast and grab a little bit of every gorgeous beach along the way. Right from Malibu and down to sweet Laguna beach.

There is a long list I can add but if you only have a few precious hours to spare and you want to have extraordinary memories, then this small list will for sure leave you planning your next trip to our special city and all the diversity it has to offer.Now if you find yourself with hours to spare then take a City bus tour, they are great and pack in all the main highlights of the city. Make sure you see the Hollywood walk of fame and place your hands in the imprints of Miss Marilyn Monroe or Santana himself! and then drive your way up and around Beverly hills, maybe you’ll see some famous faces. Last but never ever least; take a stroll down Rodeo Drive, its glittery street will leave you with a satisfying sigh of accomplishment. You’ve done it! Now come back soon because, around every corner there is something more to the city of angels that you really and I mean really have to see and experience.

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